I Can See For Miles…and Miles…

28 Aug

Not many dogs have logged miles on both sides of the equator. Big Head is eleven years old. We logged our first miles together in New Zealand ten years ago. I know that each day, each week, and each rode trip we take is a gift. Driving into a sunrise or sunset is always better with a nose licking furry co-pilot. 

* * *

Chin Beach 2012 -

Big Head is the new dog in the book, Without Rain There Can Be No Rainbows, a multimedia memoir about Ryan Chin’s teaching experience in New Zealand. Mr. Chin likes to call it a pet and teacher memoir sandwiched into an overseas adventure. The book is available at Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and locally at Powell’s Books. Mr. Chin keeps a stack on his dashboard for random giveaways. So if you see a Chinese guy driving a big white van with a yellow lab in the passenger seat, toss a steak in their window. Mr. Chin will give you a book and Big Head will give you a lick.


One Response to “I Can See For Miles…and Miles…”

  1. chad August 29, 2013 at 1:23 pm #

    Can`t believe big head is 11!!

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