4 May

A Gift

If someone told me at age twenty-five that I would teach in New Zealand and that I’d chase wild goats and roast lamb tails with barefooted Maori children, I’d say, “No way.”

If someone told me at age thirty that I would write a book about the experience and edit dozens of videos to go along with it, I’d say, “Really? No way…”

Now, at age thirty-eight, and four and a half years since I started the project, I open my computer to put final touches on the videos and exclaim, “No way!”

Even though I spent thousands of hours at my computer writing the manuscript and editing video, it still doesn’t feel real that I am almost finished. I am on pace to launch the print book and the e-book in June. A multimedia e-book made for iPad will follow later in the summer.

After being fine tuned by three different editors and revised for two years, the manuscript is in the hands of Vinnie, a book designer. We added some nice touches such as using Maori borders in the chapter headings and utilizing a picture of a Maori bone carving for section breaks. The hook-shaped carving was the only material gift that I had received for my thirtieth birthday. Rangi, the man who gave it to me was one of my neighbors in New Zealand. He is a loving father and husband, a member of the local school board of trustees, and a staunch gang member. A unique combination for sure. You’ll learn more about Rangi if you read the book.

A custom website is in the works along with shorter video trailers. The multimedia e-book’s release is being delayed a little because I want it to be something that utilizes the technology to its maximum storytelling potential without overdoing it. Finding a balance and flow for that delivery will take a bit more time. For now, I’ve posted a few pictures and one of my favorite videos.

Cheers to everyone who have left heart felt comments and given me feedback. Tu Meke mates! That’s Maori for ‘Too Much mates!’

The first page and a page with the fish hook section break

(Click on a page to view larger image)

Trivia Fact: Fifty percent of the world’s sheep product exports come from New Zealand.



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