Mom is Right Again (Turning my back on Black Friday)

20 Nov

The Consumerism/Materialism Cut from my film, Herded.

Shot along Michigan Ave in Chicago and mixed in with New Zealand footage.

Herded screened at the 2005 Oakland International Film Festival, 2005 Brainwash Film Festival and is featured on the Best of Brainwash DVD.

* * *

I loved toys as much the next kid, but I remember building a remote control car with my Dad more than the joy of actually playing with it.  I remember the heavy closing of our car’s trunk when Dad said it’s time to go fishing.  I remember Mom driving me to the next town to buy skateboarding gear just as much as the many hours of thrashing the boards she bought me.

As I look forward to fatherhood, I don’t see myself buying the latest and greatest shoes for my future son.  I do, however, see leaves kicking up behind him as I give chase through a Northwest forest; damp ferns whip his face and my outstretched arms are about to tag him.

Later, as we drive home, I will answer his many questions.

“I’m not sure if trees talk to each other the same we can talk, but I bet they have friends like we do….”

As I go on about the value of friendship, I notice his eyes close and a long stream of viscous drool making its way to the tip of his chin.  I continue with my lecture anyways and quote my mom.

Time is the best gift….you know that’s what your grandma always says..

His lips quiver into a smile and his legs twitch; he’s still running through the forest. We zoom along, father and son. Our car has no logos and come to think of it, I don’t even know what color it is.

2010 Update…Kiddo is doing well!

Son, is that a Ralph Laren Hat and a Oh My Gosh!–how much did you fricken pay–Onesie?

No Dad, I don’t need those things to be cool because I am cool!



3 Responses to “Mom is Right Again (Turning my back on Black Friday)”

  1. Auntie Alice November 27, 2009 at 10:40 pm #

    Great thoughts, Ryan.

  2. Fran soltys November 30, 2009 at 1:37 am #

    Ryan you just keep getting better all the time I think I liked this one the best you will make a great dad. It is true you only remember the time spent . All the stuff doesn’t matter good friends and family count the most.

  3. Patrick January 16, 2010 at 10:46 am #

    It is the gift and obligation of every heart to receive the herald, the ambling muse. It is written within the DNA of our very fabric.
    For without their perspective, their contribution from afar, there is no “polenation” of our own spirit, and thusly without, in time, we surely would parish as people, the spiritual co-creators we ourselves are all meant to be.
    In even the darkest hours of man’s histories, ever the door has been opened to… “the bard”.

    Though truly, there be nothing new under the sun.
    It is in the re-reflection from another that we find the greatness that has always been before us and within.

    Sheep have been metaphore and example as long as man has had another to hear from. It is from the “person” that each re-telling provokes, inspires, lends hope, or calls to action.

    Ryan, whatever it may mean to you, having only recently come to find your work has been (for me) a re-stirring of waters long left to still.
    Already, I enjoy what I expect from you, is yet to come.

    Again, you allow me the privelege…

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